Documents required

  • Aspirants who belong to nations such as India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh must demonstrate proof that they have enough money for their livelihood expenses during studying in New Zealand, as per the immigration law of New Zealand.
  • Proof of only certain funds that is the funds including wages slip and corresponding bank statements of previous months which is showing the transfer in to student’s or his/her sponsor’s or bank account of financial sponsor. In order to attain regular income tax returns of last three years should be provided.
  • Fixed term deposit which is minimum of six months old or a GPOF (General provident fund) or EPF (Employer provident fund) statement held with Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • Funds from different sources such as Kisan credit card loans, gold loans, agriculture income or property sales are acceptable only if the students or their sponsors have held required funds for six months or the source of such funds must be authenticated.
  • In case a person is willing to study for over a year then they will have to show the proof or payment plan that how they are going to pay for their tuition fees and living expenses for the entire period spent in New Zealand. The evidence of saving and income supporting student’s payment plan must cover the last three years.
  • Approximately cost may vary from Rs. 15 lacs to Rs. 30 lacs as per Indian currency.
  • If you are wishing to go to New Zealand to pursue studies, then come to Westend and get the best advice and guidance to file for Visa at any one of our 19 offices located in major cities of India.
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