Money need to demonstrate

For UK Visas and Immigration, you need to show the following level of funds:

Financial Requirements:

Tuition Fees If you have chosen a course which is of less than a year then you need to show 1st year fees or full course fees.
Living Expenses It is required for all the students to show the 1050 Euros per month for the duration of their course or 9 months, whichever is shorter in comparison towards the Tier4 visa maintenance requirement.

Approximately cost may vary from Rs.15 lacs to Rs.30 lacs as per Indian currency.


“If you are living with your dependents in UK then you need to demonstrate a minimum of 680 Euros per month for each dependent. You will actually need an evidence to prove that you have 6,120 Euros for individual dependents for courses of the duration of the nine months.

Financial Evidence

Immigration is very stern about the financial documents. You will have to show that you have adequate money for your visa. The money required to show can be in your bank account, in parent’s account or in a joint account with your name. If you are depending on the funds in your parent’s bank account, then you will mandatorily have to show following documents:

  • Parent’s letter confirming that you are their child and that they will be paying all of your expenses
  • Your original birth certificates
  • Financial documents of your parents.

If you are depending on the funds in family member’s account other than your parents then you will have to transfer that amount in your bank account or joint account with your name.

Financial proof from any other family member’s bank account other than your parents is not accepted by the Home Office except from an official financial or government sponsors. The UKVI define an official sponsor as follows:

  • Government of your country or UK government
  • British Council
  • Any international Organizations
  • Any international company
  • Any university

Required Documents

The home office is very strict in terms of requirements and these documents must be produced when requested:

  • Bank statements
  • Building society passbooks
  • Letter from the bank
  • Overseas account statements/letters
  • Letter from a financial institution regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  • Letter giving confirmation of loan. The loan is required to be procured by national governments, their regional government or state government, a company of government sponsored student loan or portion of an academic or education loan scheme.

If any of your documents are not in English then include translations that meet the specific requirements for translations.

The 28-Day Rule

The funds you are using for the maintenance must be in your account for a consecutive period of 28 days. Your application might be refused if you are not accomplishing the Home Office requirements or if this amount drop below the required amount even for a single day. The Bank statement should not be older than 30 days on the date of your application.

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