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At Westend we provide end-to-end solutions to your study abroad education especially factoring in the financial aspects that are the baseline for every educational dream. Having undergone the rigours of educational barriers and long-drawn processes ourselves – with astute insight into the educational policies and financial rules that keep changing – we are always having an agile system that picks up the best for you.

Financial aid and student loan support in India still remains an elusive and lengthy process and that’s where we step in to serve you the utmost. With personalized guidance and processing we get you abroad by being with you at every step of the way.

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With the great strides in education, every student wants to maximize their educational journey. From this multitude, many students nurture the ambition to study from foreign universities to get international education and exposure. Now, with the ease of global travel and visa options, it is getting all the more accessible to have education abroad. However, there are minute aspects that every student has to take care of.

On the other side, the parents assist the children in their ambition to study at prestigious universities/colleges abroad. While the education of this magnitude requires not only the abilities of their children to be taken into consideration but also the financial inputs. This has to factor in several bank procedures so as to undertake it smoothly.

So, while global education is a way forward and made easier with every new generation of student; it still remains quite a headache to go through the whole gamut of processing and paperwork along with the educational coaching. This need not be so. Westend Consultancy is the place for you to come and get everything sorted out.

Westend Consultancy is a comprehensive, accurate, supportive and one-stop consultancy for all study abroad aspirants/ applicants. With focus on educational consultancy and financial support from various banks, Westend Consultancy has diligently endeavoured to put students into their dream education abroad on a success trajectory.  Having a successful track record of more than 1800+ students being successfully placed abroad, Westend Consultancy brings to you the best solutions for educational loans and also the customized consultancy and guidance for your study abroad.

When the destination is in mind, be real-time focussed on your abilities and leave the rest to us.

Student Loans & Financial Supportive Framework

Foreign Education is an investment – don’t make it a burden with wrong information or choices.

Like we said before our own experiences have enabled us to help you better. Foreign education is a huge investment in terms of not only financial input but also in educational reference; with entrance exams and passing the processing and setup challenges. What we need to do is be aware of the challenges that we might face as students. In this juncture, both parents and students equally are into the whole rigmarole thereby we assist and guide both at every stage. No education is possible without finance. We especially advocate the use of Student education loans to study abroad. There are many advantages of this and the guidance and support we provide is personalized at every level.

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