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Student visa counseling

Student visa counseling is an amazing opportunity for you to take advantage of expert assistance and guidance. Our amazing counselors would provide you with customized solutions that would allow you to achieve your study abroad dreams most seamlessly and smoothly.

Our expert visa application officers

Our expert visa application officers will guide you through the process of attaining your visa, each step of the way. They will support you in this process by ensuring that each document that you require is present and up-to-date. They will provide you with every detail and inform you of the status of your admissions and visa. Our guidance counselors are present to guide and support you in receiving that visa stamp on your passport!

Our counselors are available for you 24*7

At Westend, our counselors are available for you 24*7. Our student counselors will guide you and inform you of the processes and procedures that you must be aware of. Through this counseling, you will be able to make the right decision towards achieving your study abroad goals.

Westend doesn’t believe in the process of gatekeeping

Any information that you require such as the universities, different courses, their fee structure, the opportunities of scholarships, and much more will be provided to you. With us, you will be able to get admissions to best university and country for you.

Support of our visa applications counselor

The visa processing of a student is a unique journey which requires the active participation from the student’s end, his parents and Westend’s visa application officers. Our visa officer will ensure that you attain you visa quickly and seamlessly. Any hassles that you may face during this process shall be eased with the support of our visa applications counselor.